Quick Answer: How Can I Get Call History Of Any Number?

Can we get call records of any number?

There are three possible ways to do that.

You can either call customer care and find out how much details can be sent to you.

Or, you can visit the website and login with your mobile number and click on ‘usage’ option to find a list of all the recent calls that you made, and for what duration..

How can you get someone’s call history?

Best Apps to Check Someone’s Call History without the Target PhoneSpymaster Pro. When you need to spy on someone’s call log, Spymaster Pro is our #1 pick. … Flexispy. FlexiSPY is the next cell phone monitoring software that can help you spy on someone’s call log. … Spy Stealth. … XNSPY.Apr 22, 2020

Can I track my wife’s phone without her knowing?

Using Spyic to Track My Wife’s Phone Without Her Knowledge Therefore, by tracking your partner’s device, you can monitor all her whereabouts, including location and many other phone activities. Spyic is compatible with both Android (News – Alert) and iOS platforms.

Can I get call history for prepaid number?

To get the call history on your prepaid Airtel number, you need to download the official Airtel app from the Play Store or App Store on your smartphone. Now, register for a new account by email id and login to the same. Just click on the call history option and get the call history for up to one year.

Can police call history?

However, under judicial order/ request from a consumer / police investigation, the telecom company can record the contents of the Conversation and provide the same. … The consumer does Not have any right either contractual or legal to have the copy of conversation of incoming and outgoing calls.

How can I check someones call history for free?

10 Ways to Check Someone’s Mobile Phone Call History Online or OfflineTTSPY app.XNSPY app.Spyzie.TrackMyFone.iSpyoo.MobiStealth.StealthGenie.Hoverwatch.More items…•Aug 14, 2019

How can I get last 5 call details?

To check your last 5 call details via USSD Code Dial *121*7#.

How can I get call history of other mobile number?

How To View The Call History For A Specific NumberGo to Services > SIP-T & PBX 2.0 > Numbers & Extensions, then locate the number you need the call history for and click on it.Under the Settings tab, click on the Call History option.You can see the call history for each month. You can either view it in a browser or download it in the CSV format.

Can anyone take out my call details?

NO. CDR ( Call Data Records ) are to be legally authorized only by the Police and the Courts. … Act and such data privacy issues are covered even under the ITA ( Indian Telegraph Act ).

How do I check my prepaid call history?

This is another option to get the call history of your Airtel prepaid number. You can dial or send an SMS to 121. The SMS should essentially entail the month name and email ID. For example, if you are expecting an itemized bill for July, then all you have to do is send EPREBILL>JULY>CDAIRTEL@EMAIL ID to 121.

How can I get call details of any number legally?

There are a number of reasons for you to want to get call details of any number, but if don’t know how to get call details of any number then you need to read this article….How to Get Call Details of Any Child’s NumberKidsGuard Pro. … XnSpy. … Spyzie. … StealthGenie. … Highster Mobile. … mSpy. … FlexySPY. … MobiStealth.May 24, 2019