Question: What Sweep Means?

What does glide mean?

(Entry 1 of 2) intransitive verb.

1 : to move smoothly, continuously, and effortlessly swans gliding over the lake.

2 : to go or pass imperceptibly hours glided by..

What is an example of sweeping generalization?

For example, one fallacy is called “sweeping generalization.” Someone may argue: “That is the richest sorority on campus; so Sue, who belongs to that sorority must be one of the richest women on campus.” Well, Sue may be one of the richest; or she may be one of the poorest.

What is engulf?

transitive verb. 1 : to flow over and enclose : overwhelm the mounting seas threatened to engulf the island. 2 : to take in (food) by or as if by flowing over and enclosing.

What is the meaning of sweeps?

1a : to clean a surface with or as if with a broom. b : to move swiftly, forcefully, or devastatingly the wind swept through the treetops. 2 : to go with stately or sweeping movements proudly swept into the room. 3 : to move or extend in a wide curve or range. sweep one off one’s feet.

What is meant by sweeping statement?

If someone makes a sweeping statement or generalization, they make a statement which applies to all things of a particular kind, although they have not considered all the relevant facts carefully. [disapproval] It is far too early to make sweeping statements about gene therapy.

What does sweep the floor mean?

to clean something, especially a floor by using a brush to collect the dirt into one place from which it can be removed: sweep the floor.

What does sweep over mean?

Definitions of sweep over. verb. overcome, as with emotions or perceptual stimuli. synonyms: overcome, overpower, overtake, overwhelm, whelm.

Why do we need to sweep the floor?

A much cleaner and safer home First, routine sweep can help you get rid of all the debris and dirt that can accumulate on your floor. … That’s why it’s so important to maintain clean floors and carpets. Regular sweeping of floors and carpets can, therefore, help you maintain a clean and safe home.

What do you use to sweep the floor?

A broom is a great tool for a quick pickup or an intense floor cleaning. Find out how to make sweeping your floors a more effective and efficient way of cleaning your home. Although the time required will vary depending on the room and size of the floor, sweeping is a fairly easy task to take on.

What is the synonym of sweep?

Frequently Asked Questions About sweep Some common synonyms of sweep are compass, gamut, orbit, range, and scope. While all these words mean “the extent that lies within the powers of something (as to cover or control),” sweep suggests extent, often circular or arc-shaped, of motion or activity.

What is the meaning of rake up?

transitive verb. : to make known or public : uncover rake up a scandal.

What is the opposite of sweep?

Opposite of to brush off or away, typically dirt or litter. dirty. block. upset.

What is the opposite of swept?

Opposite of past tense for to move or proceed with a given movement or momentum. floundered. struggled. crept. creeped.

Who sweeps the floor is called?

When you use a broom to clean the floor, you sweep. A barber sweeps up hair from the the barber shop floor, and your melodramatic brother sweeps his homework off his desk with his arm when he’s frustrated.

How do you use sweep in a sentence?

Use “sweeping” in a sentence | “sweeping” sentence examplesHe is making sweeping generalisations to get his point across.Security forces were given sweeping powers to search homes.A flu epidemic is sweeping through Moscow.He felt a spasm of panic sweeping over him.Sweeping all others aside , she pushed her way to the front.She is sweeping with a broom.More items…•Jul 30, 2019