Question: What Is Another Word For Cautiously?

What is a synonym and antonym for cautiously?

ˈkɔʃəs) Showing careful forethought; never making swift decisions”.


cagey chary fabian cagy gingerly guarded careful overcautious unadventurous restrained.


adventurous incautious careless stupid carelessness..

Which word has the opposite meaning of cautiously?

Antonyms: careless, drowsy, dull, heedless, inattentive, incautious, inconsiderate, neglectful, negligent, oblivious, thoughtless, unwary. Synonyms: alert, awake, careful, circumspect, on the alert, on the lookout, sleepless, vigilant, wakeful, wary, watchful, wide-awake.

What is the antonym of serious?

Any important situation is serious, and this word is also the opposite of humorous and playful.

Is precautious a word?

Precautious is an adjective that means being careful by actively preparing to avoid something negative. It can refer to a person or an action. Precautious is very similar to cautious.

What is the synonyms of cautiously?

Synonyms of ‘cautiously’carefully.alertly.discreetly.tentatively.prudently.judiciously.guardedly.circumspectly.More items…

What does annoyance mean?

1 : the act of annoying someone or of being annoyed. 2 : the state or feeling of being annoyed : vexation She couldn’t hide her annoyance. 3 : a source of vexation or irritation : nuisance The delay was a minor annoyance.

What type of word is themselves?

reflexive pronounThemselves is a reflexive pronoun, being a reflexive form of they.

What is the definition for cautiously?

1. Showing or practicing caution; careful. 2. Tentative or restrained; guarded: felt a cautious optimism that the offer would be accepted. cau′tious·ly adv.

What is another word for cautions?

SYNONYMS FOR caution 1 circumspection, discretion, watchfulness, heed, vigilance. 2 admonition, advice, counsel. 4 admonish, forewarn.

What is themselves in parts of speech?

The word ‘themselves’ is classified as a reflexive pronoun. Pronouns are used to take the place of nouns in sentences.

Which word best replaces the phrase very serious?

Synonyms & Antonyms of seriousearnest,grave,humorless,no-nonsense,po-faced.[British],sedate,severe,More items…

What is another word for warning or caution?

What is another word for warning?alertforewarningnoticesignaltipalarmcautionhintsigntocsin130 more rows

How do you describe a cautious person?

adjective. 9. 1. The definition of cautious is being aware, being careful or being alert to danger. An example of cautious is a person who always makes a pro/con list before making any decision to identify all possible problems that could come up.

What is slowly in parts of speech?

Slowly is only an adverb. It can replace slow anywhere it is used as an adverb. Slowly also appears in sentences with auxiliary verbs where slow cannot be used.

What word best replaces very thirsty?

What is another word for thirsty?avideagerdesirouscravinglonginglustingthirstingyearningagogantsy234 more rows

What is a thesaurus used for?

A thesaurus is a reference tool that is used to locate synonyms (words that are similar in meaning to a particular word.) Thesauri (the plural of thesaurus) are traditionally published in print form, but are more conveniently available—and more easily searchable—online.

What’s a big word for excellent?

What is another word for excellent?exceptionalbrilliantexquisitefinemagnificentoutstandingdistinguishedexemplaryextraordinaryincredible223 more rows

How do you say very special?

What is another word for special?uniquedistinctveryextra specialcertainexplicitclaimedcustom-builtspecial-ordermodified214 more rows

What does caution sign mean?

Caution signs indicate a level of severity less serious than warning signs or danger signs, but they still convey the message that if a hazardous situation isn’t avoided, it could result in minor or moderate injury.

What reminisce means?

Reminisce is one of several English verbs starting with re- that mean “to bring an image or idea from the past into the mind.” Others in this group include remember, recall, remind, and recollect.

What is so in parts of speech?

In English, the word so is highly polysemous. It can be used as an adverb, a conjunction, a pronoun, an interjection, or an adjective. … Generally coordinating conjunctions are used to connect words, phrase, clauses, or sentences.