Does Telkom Social Bundle Include YouTube?

What does Telkom social bundle include?

Our Social Bundles give you access to WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Pinterest and TikTok.

Simply dial *180# and select Bundle Purchases then choose Social Bundles to stay on the pulse of social media..

Does social bundle include YouTube?

Mobile operators have begun distinguishing between different kinds of traffic and providing differentiated data bundles for services such as WhatsApp, social media platforms (including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) and music as well as video services such as YouTube.

How do I buy MoMo social bundles?

Subscribers simply need to log on to the MoMo SA app (now also available on the Apple/ iOS app store), click on ‘apply and buy’, search for ‘license disc renewal’, scan their existing license disc and complete their details.

How does Telkom lit bundles work?

The Telkom LIT Streaming bundles can consume both video and music content from LIT partners as well as via the Telkom LIT_ App.See below for the different LIT Video & Music Streaming Data bundle options and prices. Daily Bundles (24-hour validity) … Weekly bundles (7 days validity) … Monthly bundles (31 days validity)

How do I activate MTN social bundle?

MTN has launched new “Social” data bundles on its network. The data bundles are available for WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, and can be purchased in different sizes and validity periods. The deals can be accessed via MTN’s USSD menu, by dialling *136*2# and selecting option 5.

Does Telkom have WhatsApp bundle?

This set of bundles includes YouTube data, Telkom call minutes, SMSs, WhatsApp data, and mobile data. If you are wondering what is Telkom FreeMe, read on to get a full glimpse of the subscription option that you can consider this year to align with your data needs.

How much is 10GB of data Telkom?

Create your own WiFi hotspot with Prepaid LTE Dial *180# to switch to Prepaid LTE and get 10GB of data for R99!

Does Telkom have YouTube data?

Save on mobile data costs by topping up with an affordable Video and Music streaming mobile data bundle from Telkom. Affordable mobile data bundles to stream video from a host of content providers like YouTube, Netflix, and Showmax as well as stream audio music from providers like Simfy Africa and Apple Music.

What is a Telkom Monate bundle?

The following bundles will be offered: • All-network voice bundles (valid for 7 days). • Daily Data Bundle (a once-off data bundle that will be valid for 24hrs from the time of. purchase). • Daily Social Data Bundle (a once-off data bundle that will be valid for 24hrs from the time. of purchase).

What is MTN Social pass bundle?

The new MTN Pulse Social Pass bundles are an extension to the existing Social bundles. These competitive bundles provide youth customers on MTN Pulse with access to Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and YouTube, all in one bundle.

Which network has the cheapest data in South Africa?

Mobile Data Price Comparison per NetworkNetworkAnytime DataPriceVodacom1GBR99Cell C1GBR100MTN1GBR149Telkom1GBR1001 more row•Jul 17, 2020

What is Telkom Plus?

“Telkom Plus is a one-stop-shop for subscribers to discover the range of digital services available on the Internet,” says Gugu Mthembu, executive brand and product segment at Telkom. “[It is] designed to engage users and generate interest around VAS subscription services.”

What is deal promo Telkom Mobile Data?

The Telkom Mobile Internet 5 Promo data bundle allows for data usage of 10GB at speeds up to 21.6Mbps . This 24 month data bundle contract costs R 199.00 per month , with an effective in-bundle-rate of R 0.020 , which after using the entire 10GB mobile data allocation changes to R 0.300 .

What does social Bundle mean?

The Social bundle is a data bundle that will allow access to the selected Social Media platforms namely Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Snapchat and TikTok.

What is social data used for?

Social data is information that social media users publicly share, which includes metadata such as the user’s location, language spoken, biographical data, and/or shared links. Social data is valuable to marketers looking for customer insights that may increase sales or, in the case of a political campaign, win votes.

How long does Telkom Once off data last?

61 daysThe LTE/LTE-A once-off bundles shall have Anytime data and Night Surfer Data. Night Surfer shall be valid to be consumed between 12am – 7am. – The data validity period for LTE/LTE-A Once Off Anytime data bundles shall be 61 days….Product Code.BatteryProduct Length / Depth9.5 cm10 more rows

How do I know if I have Telkom coverage?

You can check DSL coverage in your area with Telkom: … Check your coverage on the Telkom Coverage Map. Phone Telkom on 10210.

How do you get free Telkom bundles?

Be Free with the only Data Bundle that gives you FREE Whatsapp and FREE Calls Dial *544# to experience Freedom Today! To subscribe to Freedom bundles dial *544#. Freedom bundles customer will get the following benefits. Free Telkom calls – daily allocation of 60 minutes.

Does streaming use lots of data?

Video streaming Videos are much more data intensive, so you get even less from your allowance. A standard quality video running at 480p uses 700MB every hour. HD quality, like that on your home TV, runs at up to 2K resolution and uses up to 3GB per hour.

Is YouTube free on Telkom?

CAPE TOWN – Telkom has announced the inclusion of free YouTube as the latest addition to its FreeMe prepaid bundles. Customers on Telkom’s FreeMe Post-paid are still able to get up to 200+ hours or 50GB free data for YouTube streaming on the FreeMe 5GB and higher plans. …

How much is a WhatsApp bundle on Telkom?

The entry-level 150MB FreeMe prepaid bundle, which previously offered 150MB of general-use data, 150MB of data for instant messaging and Internet calls, 50 SMSes and 150 on-network minutes for R29, now offers 150MB of general-use data, 50 on-net minutes and 75MB for WhatsApp (plus 75MB for streaming) at the same price.

What is free on Telkom?

FreeMe is a set of new data-centric packages offered by Telkom. … And that’s it — everything else is included, with free on-network calls, 50 free SMSes a day and free use of Telkom’s Wi-Fi hotspots. Oh, and you’ll also get free calls and messaging on WhatsApp, BBM and Viber (limited to 2GB of usage a month).

Can I use social data for WhatsApp?

What is a Social Ticket? The Social Ticket makes it more affordable for you to use your favourite social media sites, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook Messenger, Tinder and Tik Tok. Note that it does not include WhatsApp.

What is a FreeMe bundle?

What is FreeMe? FreeMe bundles are a unique way for you to connect with the world through data, voice calls, sms’s and WhatsApp. The bundles are available to prepaid, post-paid and top-up customers on. It’s an all-inclusive package, just for you.